You and me

“You and me” she said furtively
“we’re not like the others—
Our souls are in the stars”

I can touch her but not too early
“Take nobody’s word for it”
That flower’s called a buttercup

“An unverifiable statement
is meaningless” “The police will
riot and Nixon will win”

As if to say “You’re a man
and I’m a woman” “His principles
are watery, supple and grave”

Grandma loved melba toast
Well, they make the stuff
so somebody must

“I was the cleanest guy in the whole
group” he said “I’m clean, very clean”
Left alone “Lonely but free”

“I can eat many things but I won’t eat that”
Butterflies and birds superbly fly
“Generosity is not one of her faults”

Can we trick ourselves into kindness?
Mom believed in the inherent goodness,
the basic decency, of the American people

“They move in the lower limit of normal range”
So light, they glide away in the wind
Ineptitude and deceit govern us for now

“This is too much retribution” “Yes, she was
wrong to call the police on me” “It feels like
piling on”  “What, she called them twice?”

Stupidity oozes out of his eyes,
that government sycophant in rimless
glasses, in his sordid dark suit

Random fear, coercion and conformity
No tough issue is ever resolved here for
long—We’re a diverse and fractious people

The best of us aren’t one thing or another
The best of us are grave, opaque shades
and shapes of underlying grey 

Precious stones fall from the stars to the sands
“No one tells the full truth in the desert
and all deals made here are final”

-October 17, 2020-