Winter glare

That winter glare low in the sky—
   leaves me kind of blind
I can hardly see your apartment building to the left
   My gloved black hand crudely shades my eyes

I always want the edge she says, the edge is mine
   She drives close to that white concrete wall at high speeds
Her gods take the funny back until it’s gone
   No one is with anyone for long

Mom spent a lot, but she made a lot
   Four kids and a modest entertainment budget
don’t come cheap...
   Someone we thought should be there, won’t be

We pay our dues, put in the hardest yards
   It was almost out of reach
That peculiar ancient art—it surprises us but isn’t arbitrary
   Back them in their passions and they’ll love you strong

We reproduce these subtleties
   in order to dissect the mysteries
Here’s one—without our inherent brutality,
   we don’t evolve — there’s no brash song and no humanity

She was always willing to fail—
   People arrive, come in and out of our lives
as though they had the right — get this, the right to be there
   As though it’s perfectly okay to sit, stay awhile and then disappear

-February 2, 2013-