Who comes here?

Who comes here?
Who are you?
We’re not given our wisdom—
as when you look into her eyes and see
a sadness there
you barely noticed before—
we find it

They wear these conventional,
respectable, suits
(even their comedians wear suits)
and this adds a bit of gravitas
to their less than respectable airs
What bad these people have done—
they’ll do again

Who worries about you now?
Mom broke her toe
At home she had to care for
my sick father and her four young sons
She carries soup to Dad and stumbles
She cries out, then he cries out, “Damn it,
I’ll get it myself”

Cries of pain, anguish—
no one to care, no one to help—
Alone, in the middle of it all, she copes
John would telephone
No introduction
He assumes you know it’s him
He’d prattle on about some issue

Run this or that by you
and, when satisfied, abruptly hang up
That was John all right
And you’d think to yourself
“What the fuck?”
Does she lie to you again?
She lied to you before

We change our surroundings
until we no longer feel any harm
until habit makes us comfortable
If you have to warn me
about your wicked sense of humor,
like I’m some sort of imbecile,
then you probably don’t have one

It’s not that John didn’t care
about us; he had a mind at work
always somewhere else
Let’s allow now for the disappointments
that are the lot of every one of us,
like our broken, splintered hopes,
like the rats who scurry the subways—

life’s incorrigible little demons,
so fast, determined, tough,
coarse and lively
Just as a rock concert
is not about the music
(you can’t hear the music) and is supposedly
a frenzy of fiery artifice and bacchanalian fun,

certain political rallies are not
at all about the politics
Hey, I’m used to it
especially now that you’ve dissolved
from my real and joined my fantasy world
Hey, you’re in my fantasies now
Then I thought I saw

her with her new found love,
his radish, clownish nose and the bright colored
cartoon patches sewed onto his dull khaki pants,
(My god, she looks like a grey-haired, freaky old prune)
as they walk hand in hand into the tanning salon
And I think, they’re so very vulgar,
so ignorant, so Long Island, so cheap




-March 19, 2016-