Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors,
colors we can hear
Frozen stars around
which time freezes
Motherly devotion,
eloquent torques, norms
that don’t enforce

Ideals outpaced my practice
Let’s get to the ritual
that those who love you,
love to perform
Dignified, restrained, set
except in a vibrancy of colors,
not her mother, father, brother

or me—by a path of arch discovery
within the cusp of her disease,
reduced to a busted agony, our
genetic codes degenerate daily
What are our latest reversals?
We don’t deny dignity on
account of anguish—we stress it

Surrounded by hate,
there’s little justice here
So we make these small
pockets of grace with
those few near us
Hands depicted at rest
and in motion at once

with those few near us
who care, we stroke the colors
we hear— deliberate, unvarying,
and insensible to changes,
our minds entwine
within unidealized straights,
magical, unscathed and inert  

Varying plans and know-how—
what it means when our horizons
freeze, dissolve, displace—
We purported to flatter,
instead, we revealed
Agony’s when someone you love
gets caught in an angry cusp…

Mother said “Stay close to
earth so when you fall
it won’t hurt, not much ”
Grandma didn’t think you
should eat and drink at
the same time
“Eat it, wash it down”

she’d say, “Eat it, wash
it down—Disgusting!”
I felt us touch, your
head on my shoulder
that I was holding you
If you knew my lover,
you’d love her too

April 6, 2019-