Truly together

So striking the blind can see it
So searing the deaf can hear
If you must press your enemy’s back to the edge
   prepare for the deadliest fight of your life
Good advice from the ancients, that is,
   goodly, grandmotherly advice

She warned, in the coming days,
of wave upon wave of blistering crap
of sordid, human venality
   that will come to block his way
It’s best to dive over the waves, she’d say
   or dive under them, that’s best

Stand in their way and they’ll smack you down
His father’s death fulfills his wish for escape
but instead of his freedom he feels
   intense guilt, shame and rage
After you die, old man, the sun
   will still ceaselessly shine

They said her character is bad but
that’s what they often say about
those with strong personalities
   Her unseasoned, unreasonable ideas...
His unnatural, somewhat tedious smoothness
   because blunt truth brings hate

A pretend expert in a suit will say: “Here are the risk factors:
A family history of inherited gene mutations,
radiation exposure (not sure where or when), extended exposure
   to workplace chemicals or intense heat (or is it cold?), or is it
obesity, liver strain, alcoholism, sugary fruits and (who
   knows what) foul medical treatments...”

You don’t get to play at his level
if you want to play nice and easy
You don’t get to stay at that level
   by being sanguine
His fellows are rough and raw players with
   tough, powerful wills and unusual physical abilities

Better to believe the stone’s a bear
than to think the bear’s a stone
For your survival, she means,
   there are mistakes and there are mistakes
Irritated especially with his fellow competitors today
   he’ll have to tighten his smooth, loathsome mask
Our memories favor family and friends
over truly formative events
We admire best intelligence, independence and daring
   Truly together in graciousness, smooth and easy
He loves the way she fires and smells
   when they have sex



-March 8, 2014-