The core

Reopened wounds
   in an atmosphere of haste
sorrows burn
Your sparks burn,
   sear with despair
with pain
Extra sensitive–
   creaky machines, random noises, flutterings
like melodies for you to hear
Like the melodies
   Schubert heard in such abundance
before he died
A life viewed from inside
   seems a series of defeats—
hard times
To the scrape of forks on metal plates
   to the sparks in his heart at night
Inexhaustible melody

Happiness gone
   it’s a band-aid over hurt
this particular joy
No struggling man must,
   legally, dive into the pool
and save a drowning child
There are no hidden messages
   In prison they don’t expect him
to speak, think, or grasp
No drowning child must,
   legally, jump out of the pool
to save a struggling man
Simplicity obscures things
   Fascists are simple
Preconceived patterns chafe
What’s in plain view so hard to grasp
   Keep your word
remember your promises

I feed the wolf because
   the wolf is me
No hidden messages, no
We’re not swans, you know
   wired to bond for life
We don’t love like that
Our souls entwined for a time
   now my enemy,
she was always my enemy
I look for the hidden
   the chimera
the lost
Her life hard, brutish, cruel
   Today I’m her lifeline
Tomorrow, nothing
Photographs would freeze time
   If you start making love to doorknobs,
you’re too old and it’s time to die

-June 13, 2010-