That subtle seer

Okay, they numb themselves
That’s how they do it
They’re numb most of the time
The seer says to him:
“Your joys will be as intense as grief
What you want you shall get, but late to middle age”
This light, this dark, it all streaks
We ate red beans and rice
I did never forget it
He lived in eventful times
but didn’t lead an eventful life
An odd bright sky, light blue and pink
Continual rejection at first, memories of
leaves, fruit, wood stains and bark—family and art,
after that, everything’s a bit dim
It’s the audience that should cry, not you
You smile all the time, you sing and joke—you can sing
He never wore the troubled face
He likes his pleasures but knows when to say no—
He told me women can be peculiar, some fickle sometimes
That it’s always best to have at least two who you are fond of
He wore those thick-sole shoes,
the kind policeman wear
Nothing’s easy when you’re poor
But it would get in your head, blow that gold horn man, hear it—
It could startle, make wild ribbon-like paths in your mind
It comes from his heart and stays way beneath your skin
Let’s sense the unexpressed violence
She doesn’t like to see the fish head so keep it in the kitchen man
We’ll take your word for it—the fish here’s fresh
We shared a glass of wine with water that day
Maybe soon, her vindictive ways will change
Here treachery is so normal
Her dad doted on her when he saw her
but he was drunk most of the time
and died before she was nine
That subtle seer, she wants him to give her three ingots of gold
and a little bit of rare perfume to help fight these evil ways
She’ll supply the magic rocks for free


-July, 1, 2012-