Strident Visions


This is no world for the sensitive
   we breathe her black dust each day
The salty king among angry barbarians
I feel the locus of her pain

Ravenous, satiated for awhile
   never content
All this way for this
The woman with the long black hair
   and perfect body scowls
Maggots and carrion beetles
   gnaw at their brains
She scowls a lot

Bulbous white flowers on my favorite apple tree
   Early spring…
White petals gently lead
   Half moon tonight
What was supposed to be happy wasn’t

I wonder at her grievance
Little summer apples soon
I wake in the night
   The clock reads: 3:33
All this way for this—

Strident visions focus, fade
The anxiety spread for generations
   Natural, unnatural wounds
Salty kings nod among the barbarians
Dissolute frenzies...
Satiated, but never content

-April 14, 2010-