Some people

Some people illuminate—
“Even if she’s wrong, she’s fruitfully wrong,
subtly skeptical, radically right”
The expert athlete exemplifies intensity
throughout the crosshatches of his game,
with the precision of a bitter, forgotten test
pilot if nowhere as near to so fearless

His healing heart adjusts to change—
within the humps and curves of life
Exits frighten him because once
his fierce leopard tastes this fate
he’ll never return or get it back straight
Has he told you his many stories?
When he tells them again they aren’t the same

“That’s it” she says happily
“You’ve got it, you’ve got my number”
He dreamt it again, so he wrote it up twice
Gene said the real purpose of this exhibit
of so fine a refined art from a 100 years ago,
is to show how sons so rarely live up
to the eminence and legacy of their fathers

I see that male comedians often
wear suits because the false dignity
of a suit, when spoofed, is like some
serious muddleheaded, greedy, politician
whose heedless, noxious, speech
diminishes and mutilates humanity
Heedless people assault us

“It’s the theory which decides what
we can observe” said Einstein
The sweep of history is about survival—
beauty’s sought for its own sake
“We are a more diverse group and less
debauched than the brutal first test pilots—
but some of their swagger’s still in us”



-May 19, 2018-