Some observations

Like a dog before he snarls
in that brief notion of transformation
so familiar perhaps, to butterflies
He likes her big freakish breasts (enhanced?)
and ardent sexual ways
But why should she care?
The terror of the plane’s gunner never leaves
I didn’t like or hate him, he was Dad
Dad was a bit of a hot head, mean and bland
It’s a given isn’t it?
You have it and you can’t imagine
the feel of its absence, its nothing
It will swerve in a different way, change course
Emptiness isn’t absence
Merely human, almost brave and persevering


The whole damn island was blown away
The coral became a furnace
The pilot’s body never found
Fond of intellectual puzzles, mechanical tinkering
and long distance running
Soldiers aren’t paper, combat isn’t a board game
He had his eyes dead on her
like she was diamond
When it’s once said you don’t get to unsay it
Self indulgence exceeded only by self-admiration
The water, seemingly still, vibrates between us
Each creature a caricature, an exaggeration
She takes the knife, she cuts at his heart
He spits at her face
We were never a couple, she told him, soon after


Dabbler, amateur, moron...
If you listen even a little bit they will tell you
of all the vile troubles that permeate each life
“I can’t hear youuuu” she mocks into the phone
Suffering isn’t moral, poverty doesn’t ennoble
Optimism’s a joke we tell, to impress one another or sell
The mediocre take refuge in obfuscation and omniscience
“I can’t hear you!!!” she screams
She has a malformed heart incompatible with life
The less truth the more ceremony, the more lies, the more formality
Her speech though kind of slow, kept up with her thoughts
She repaid his kindness, just so
He remains unbroken...
They seemed then alien, harried and rude, if honest
He couldn’t see the beauty in it then


-May 27, 2012-