She leaves her…

She speaks in pungent slang
self-absorbed, insensible
small-minded, incapable,
I’ll never find my footing here
We’re all alligators, my dear...
we move toward each other, slow, slow, fast—
we love to fuck
She’d been treated cruelly, when young
After the losses she gives up
ideals of sustained happiness—
hello intoxication—short bursts of fun
She now prefers loneliness, to the horrors of love
He wrote long letters
Her replies neither long nor loving
Melancholy, to surly, to rage,
last night he dreams the top of his head
pulled off, no pain; so he wrapped it in a napkin (no blood)
to show to the doctor later (there must be something he can do)
Wind so terrible it rips up a tree from the root—
leaves a big empty ground gash
She walks away sad
like some cumbersome reptile
The mansions of the rich
pull her away, they
torment her
Free fall is our natural state
Gravity comes up to meet her
“I met her sister long ago”
All those criminals in uniform
I’m afraid...
“In Theriesenstadt,
before she was murdered”
Carries the M60 through sharp jungle grass
Hot, always wet, swelters
his skin covered in cuts
When you get to the leeches, focus —
you’ve got to get rid of the whole damn thing
She leaves her sharp knife in my chest 

-October 4, 2010-