President Bozo

The actor, Jon, viscerally
hates men who wear ties—
He came back from an ad shoot
and vomited, “Those fucking network
guys and their fucking network ties”
Where’s the line?
We don’t usually mess with power

Vicious President Bozo to supercilious
Vice-President Chucklehead,
“At last, they’ll see my greatness!”

Gene and Mom were young
in the depression and resolved
later to live well—Jon Vie for cakes,
Sutter’s had the best pies and they
bought steak, pork, fowl, vegetables
and fruit from the Jefferson Market
when they wanted only the best

Noxious Vice-President Chucklehead
to arrogant President Bozo,
“It’s a glad, sad, comedy of greatness”

There are pools and levels of pleasure
When you’re in a pool or on a level
you think it can’t get any better,
but it can— you’ll feel it when
you ascend in intensity and fervor
“That video picture of me live,
is that my alpha ghost?”

Brutish President Bozo to his
excellency, Vice-President Chucklehead,
“I am your promises, disparate and unkind” 

What do we want from celebrities?
It’s not just their work
I tell you it’s something else
Your lack of character, Mark,
renders you unworthy of friendship
“I’m a spark of the holy fire,
a whisper of the holy voice”

Obnoxious Vice-President Chucklehead
to furious President Bozo,
“You’re democracy’s foulest ghost”

“You must cherish this chance”
said the Chinese sales clerk to me
He learned his English from TV
“What if there were little-scale creatures,
little-scale elephants, horses, clowns,
dancers and acrobats in a little-scale
circus parade on my shiny wooden floor?”

Vulgar President Bozo to his newest pet,
cruel Vice-President Chucklehead,
“Don’t ask me ‘why’, there’s no ‘why’ here”  



-January 28, 2017-