Plague days

Plague days—
Please come to me, dear
The black swan—
None of us are alone

You’re like me
in what you yearn for
Powerful women often
attract slander

Toothbrush in his pocket
He’s far from home
Another neglected masterpiece
All of us ends in ourselves

There’s some stops you don’t
get over—some losses you don’t
get past—you incorporate them within
you, they become part of your cells

We’re all different—
I may have dreamed of you
last night—good luck, adaptability
We’re all the same  

What’s enough to soothe
an anxious mind? Something
brutal snaps in his head—cautious
preparation before battle

Sharp intelligence
Great athleticism
Extremely attractive
Like a rock star with brains

A proficient organizer
An aggressive fighter
The storm inside him outstrips
the rage of a deadly hurricane 

Quick thinking and boldness
during battle, he inspires intense
loyalty in us so, from Egypt to
Italy, our armies take everything

We’re a people who wonder
in error and ignorance, a parade,
shall we say, of fools, prey to
the fiend who lies like truth

Respect for persons is more
important than adverse consequences
“I hated to see him go down like that
I…I really can’t talk about it”

Because the music talks to them
when it’s really right, you felt
the love and care as he plays
Energy and liveliness are holy

“Nothing wrong with getting paid
for what you’d do anyway
and getting paid well”
Even this plague isn’t infinite

As philosopher Mike once said,
“Everyone has a plan until
they get punched in the mouth”
Adapt, invent, transform

Art comes from pain
Pain inflames art into gold
Some suffering never goes
You don’t get over it

She could have stopped
and said I’ve done enough
And we would gratefully have
said, “My lady, you surely have”

but she kept on going through
the fields of emptiness
Some pain pervades your cells
and then becomes a part of you

Redness, pain, warmth and swelling
War is violence and violence begets
violence—the executioner is no hero,
he’s just another stupid man

Passion, genius, luck
Pity is tender, vulnerable
and powerful, strangely so
“Society needs its noble lies”

When his dad got sick we sad strangers
sent his family lots of good wishes
and his son lots of toys “I don’t want
toys, I want my dad”  he said  

-March 21, 2020-