Life is order
Disorder is death
I cling to a beast’s back as
we plummet down, she and I,
into the searing depths

It’s okay, it’s all right
Just a bit shy of paradise 

The trucks that rumble down
Broadway in Passaic, New Jersey
somehow soothe me tonight
High pitched beeps as they back up
sound like mechanical hearts

Deep into night
Just a bit shy of paradise 

When we wait we suffer
keenly from the absence of she
whom we long for
We can barely endure
the presence of anyone else

Everyday life
Just a bit shy of paradise

Grandpa, stoned on heart medication
sways as he stands and attempts to
count out some change
He wants to buy us kids some candy
He’s generous like a kid himself
So alive and lively
Just a bit shy of paradise

The freakish, the different,
the corridors of light
Your ideal and exemplary nature
placed high above the sufferings
of ordinary life

Where did I go and why?
Just a bit shy of paradise

Some little thing always
decides notable events
Some vice invisible to others
unless they stare at it directly
like a fool who used to love you

I made up my mind
Just a bit shy of paradise





-May 14, 2016-