Our Wars

We love freedom for its own sake,
   and start a war every five years
The war is malignant, always to the back of us, silent
   even when we don’t speak or think of it
Warriors will slit our throats if we let them—
   Our wars, whatever we say, are fought for wealth
They poison our days
Stricken, he stands still, stares outward
   the same, for hours it seems, into nothing
Listens to his inner demon
   full of honor, years, courage, fame
Die a good and honorable death—
   not too soon, not too late
Our wars are perpetual
Here’s ambition’s garden—
   in twenty years this will be one large, radium infused forest
A wolf, soundless, lopes beside me in the ruins
   near the burnt out nuclear plant,
once filled with lives—“we will live vigorously
   and we won’t be afraid to die”
The wolf in this world is mine
Smashed bones are the result of these policies—
   Every war will be simple, triumphant and fast
Earth bound minds guarantee it but they lie...
   The warrior, wolf-like in passion, destroys
barriers between men and women, young and old,
   brilliant and stupid, animals and humans,
the drunken and the mad

-March 22, 2011-