No Blame

She, like me, lives in a world
of past, present and future
He doesn’t always stay there
The past disappeared like that, it fell
No one’s going to cry for me
not now, not here
It’s nobody’s fault
The peaches grow well in desert heat, suck up all the water—
Conditions change, people change


They pick peaches in the heat for so little pay
She always finds herself, wherever,
disproportionately, even absurdly, fascinating
Hey today, everyone, it’s family fun day
Brought to you by ING insurance...
That’s nobody’s fault
Some thought him the broken, sad, drunken ghost
The underbred, self-taught, tedious workingman
whose personal torments, like theirs, weren’t quite respectable


Let’s tell a good story
Let’s investigate a secret
His tendency’s to prefer isolation, right?
Conditions don’t change but people can
People don’t change but conditions change
This simple meal made with the best ingredients
Had circumstances fallen differently—
But they don’t give him a chance because
he’s her mirage in this hot desert air


The heroin didn’t kill him, no it didn’t
It was all that chocolate cake—
half his heart enlarged, the rest blocked off
His angels of the waters, ocean flowers, dreamy rivers
Yes, you pick yourself up when you fall and then dance
He always kept the dance
They come up a little short each month
I didn’t get the job, she said
She couldn’t live nondestructive either


Little one asks for ice-tea in her sippy cup, makes me smile
We’d been sort of happy, yes?
My doubles are all comedians
Mobility, change, uncertain—
You have nothing to be ashamed of, my brothers
We’re all fine comedians
No one’s here
They’re all in the future or the past—
they disappear

-August 21, 2012-