Muscle memory

“Muscle memory, guided by intuition”
that was one sage’s ideal and it works if you’re
a professional athlete, like Joe DiMaggio
whose grace in center field, even my Dad
acknowledged and Dad truly hated baseball
Not every problem has a solution—
Dying is real and can be quite painful

Said the sage wistfully

An old Russian proverb says,
“When you stumble into a vat
of milk, keep moving until
the milk becomes butter”   
Every day is a gift—Matt,
how do you expect me to
endure old age without you?

“I wish I had a companion

Were those happy moments you
remember really so happy or is
your happiness found mostly in
the remembrance? A sunny Spring
day, sitting together in Fort Tryon
Park, eating hard-boiled duck eggs and
reading the Sunday New York Times 

along the way”

We used to get the Times late Saturday
night—you had to carefully check the
sections to make sure it was all there
One sage said upon meeting Franklin D.
Roosevelt, “Second-class intellect, first-
class temperament” Order, stability,
imagination, mystery—A poet taught me

Everything we get here is borrowed

it takes real courage to be sincere
There she is now, not a ghost but
a presence—Her shadow tainted his
prior joy—Is it better to be happy for
awhile or not at all?—He became
for awhile a fool, a surly, strident,
know-it-all, known for his chain-

You’ll have to give it all back

smoking, wine drinking, and
tendency to weep—What’s given
should be freely given—“After you
become age 30, people you know
start dropping off and that’s a hell
of a note” He lost his taste for
adventure—“Nothing any good

At best, in this world you’re lucky

happens after 10 at night”
Our emotions and simulations
are all made of stuff—The incorporeal,
like mathematical equations, aren’t
made of stuff, aren’t of this world,
but are very real, nevertheless—
as real as any happy remembrance 

to be a debtor and a guest

-April 17, 2021-