Mom drank celray…

In this fiery world
   everything burns
   What did we leave back there?
As furry mammals, we sleep together
   and love to touch
   The mean anorexic ex-alcoholic
The deity has a perplexing fondness
   Lacks the only thing in life
      she really loves

for beetles
Something left back in time
   that we can’t bear to lose
   No truth,
      just moments of clarity
“When do you finally learn to play this thing?”
   For a good meal I favor the agreeable
      over the wise,
   in bed, the beautiful instead of...
“Some days it feels pretty good”
   He didn’t expect much better
      from this world
My death’s always a scene with one character
      I start to choke...
   I think about their faces, their bearing, how they      
      walked, what they wore
The wretched mouth words of defiance
   Let’s not say goodbye
      There’s more heartbreak than comfort in that
There must be some drug for me
   Mom drank celray tonic
      I used to think
Maybe you’re the drug for me

      she’s the only one who does

-April 25, 2010-