Memory and regret

Memory and regret are
a sad pair of companions,
though more faithful than
joy and happiness
Only a hypocrite like me
could be fooled by a grifter like
you; sadly and wildly fooled  

Our ache and our joy 

His muscular, skeletal strength
was strong; it permitted him to
live long after his mind was gone
While wise he’d walk four to five
hours a day; that’s why
We look for patterns—but if the
pattern was ugly he didn’t laugh

Splendor never far from wonder

Obstacles are in our way—
and there’s a time limit; that’s
the essence of this game
There’s the public face we share
with everyone, the intimate face
we share with a few—and then
there’s our private, obstinate face

Small inexorable, gradual changes

We outgrow ourselves
I wasn’t anxious in my dream,
I was confused—couldn’t find
this or that, a lost address, a lost
class, a confused university of
classical explanations—I
couldn’t quite find my way

I’m well provisioned now

We can know the position
We can know the momentum
We can’t know both
Physics arranges the world—
It doesn’t explain it and
the spirit won’t be found when
we sculpt all our marble away

Prejudiced, precipitate, narrow

When I fight my insectile lizard-like
demons, I fight them in the air
What have I done to be this glad?
He thought there was more time
He didn’t want to die; empty
space is irrational, beautiful,
unnatural, even pleasurable

Weightless, the sprightly fighters float

He neither spoke or remembered;
that greatness of mind now gone
His hand seemed to point like
Adam’s hand as it accepted life’s
electrical charge; those whom I
love make me laugh from
my heart to my marrow

It eats away at my sorrows

You can’t meet terror
in the face of annihilation—a
glistening heart, an understanding
mind; a string of contrasts
in the light, in the dark—our world’s
as it is and we’re even fond of it; we
even made some important discoveries

and then colored everything in

-February 23, 2019-