Look again

Look, look, look and look again
He plays with the pictures
One look is never enough
This life so irregular, so fragmented
We simplify what we see
and miss intrinsic keys,
the hard, fixed geometry of the jagged

She just wants someone to listen
People are really lonely
especially those who endure bad things
She was clumsy with a silver tongue
Help would come without her knowledge
She would learn, finally, to use fully
the few gifts of fate that came her way

A brilliant oddball of the first magnitude
Let’s just say that military and later professional
authority left him less than awe struck
His parent’s sage immigrant advice
“Keep your head down and do your job”
just doesn’t cut it as a focus for his life—
the boredom, for him, far too dreadful

Her personality wasn’t, shall we say, mild
She could behave as a diva does
on one of her many farewell tours
She packed what seemed most important
They wouldn’t let her take her violin
It was valuable public property, they said
Authorities never treasure or protect our freedoms

She took the scores of short pieces of music
that no one else recorded or wanted
“Just look at these little pieces,” she said
“They’re like candy”
Those days are only remembered now
by a few old people
Our friends and families all vanish

Only humans speak, only humans innovate
His talents were honed fine in competition
Being ill-defined is a natural feature
common, at first, to all important concepts
He thinks I look like a slovenly schlub
I think he’s an overdressed slimester
As we talk, though, we get along fine

He always handled everything with ease
as if he’d done it before
It’s not clear if he understood what I showed him
and he died shortly thereafter
It couldn’t be wrong or unreal, he thought,
because the equations were not only right—
they were beautiful

Was she on some erotic trip of asphyxiation gone bad
or was it that day more than a usual human’s misery for her?
She felt, maybe, just the motions of the coarse rope
around her soft neck and maybe
she never meant to go through with it
“I don’t seek power or ask for favors,” he said
The only time we can know is the time we’re given




-March 21, 2014-