Late, winter and dark

When I lived downtown
there were no stores open after work
It wasn’t a popular place to live then
I ran into a street guy selling pears
It was late, winter and dark

He said “Here, take the whole bag, cheap,
just a dollar” “Thanks” I said
When I got them home they were all rotten,
every single one of them
so I postponed our rupture again

Gene has this terrible cancer
“Lung cancer,” he said
Why? He has no idea—
he never smoked
Dreams of her still provoke me

It’s the contour of the wood
that determines, for a master,
the only right way to sculpt it
The power of her love can’t undo
the terror of the things he’s done

On the day of my third panic attack
an aggression that horrifies as it tantalizes,
an energetic trip before it stops
a most honest little phenomenon—
freaky, funny lookin’ and hot

In a group of stern talkers, someone
must laugh, several of us perhaps
Every little mistake a catastrophe,
like the rat that ran the wrong maze
or our brilliant, brittle break-up

In a moment of enthusiasm
I find a vital unity
previously unaware of itself
She said “I’m not your protector” but she
meant “I was never your lover”

The first tine I ordered an adult drink
I was on an airplane and asked for
a scotch and soda—never had one before
and I thought, “That’s an adult drink”
A little bottle of liquor (J&B)

is given to me with club soda
and ice in a clear plastic cup
with a plastic red stirrer
“So sophisticated” I think
as I drink and enjoy it

The glittering actress on the beach—
that throb of ancient desire
She first dallies in the dominatrix role
Calls herself “Mistress Talia” before
she goes all in and fully becomes her

As marketers know, most of
us don’t read what you write,
don’t hear what you say
You’ve got to shout and tout
for the little we see to get through

Some days it hurts a lot
Some days a little less
like a Middle Eastern stubbornness
and docility I either know how
it ends or don’t care

When on hard drugs Howard
once asked, “This feeling of good
health, can you get it
from being in good health?”
I have an accent that comes

from nowhere in particular
Our longing to believe
Our reasons to forget
Your stuff, my friend,
is smooth and unique

You dance from the heart
and you’ve got the technique
We become neither
famous nor notorious
Now the rumors are rife—

there’s more layoffs on the way
Hey, there’s no magic pill
for what we’ve got, no remedy
Just the stillness of a love
that lasts for eternity




-August 27, 2016-