Last Things

It was about 4 months ago
      when you said you didn’t love me
   that I fell into a hole, very deep
Now slowly,
   I am wrenching my way out

Last things
   like the look on your face
      in those days way before you decided
         you didn’t love me
   that love you will never feel for me again
Last things
   like a love you never felt at all

And I didn’t know they were last things
   just before the end
   the return to loneliness, at last
   because we are always alone

Tell me darling
   who will love that wicked, wrinkled face
   if not someone like me
   who loved you when you were younger?
Last things like the sweat on your stomach
   when we make love
Last things that aren’t meant to last

When you used to love me
   you knew how to act around me
   you knew exactly what to do
Last things, where shall I bring them?
   Shall I give them back to you?

-December 5, 2005-