In this idyllic scene…

In this idyllic scene
   sits the family in the sitting room
peeling tangerines
A man sings
   in his cell alone
a chunk of the world hears him
   its emptiness, limitless, sweet
If he was the lieutenant leading me
   I’d shoot him in the back
One more demon for me to feed
The violence between us, dear lady,
   was never physical—
it was sexual and wordy

These ghosts are no match for me
Bad blood on the mountain
   moonlit, dangerous
Because we think and smell alike
   we’re brothers
Balloon celebrations...
   An Xmas store open all year
Everyday the holiday, everyday
We don’t do this for the memories
The pleasure we gave each other
   sweaty, intense
      didn’t suffice
The pain exchanged was too irregular
   too unmeasured
Phantoms watched us play

If I were a gangster, you’d be dead

-March 2, 2010-