In relationships

In relationships what matters is what
we put into them, give into them, how
we illuminate them, invoke them to
ourselves from within

The essence of your sweetness

Wolves were seen in the city
Dogs were heard howling at night
Those who play politics with our
lives, who’ve lost the middle way

Pain’s just pain, however it rages

There she waddles behind her walker
Onlookers don’t find her heroic
as she endures the humiliation
of trying so hard to walk

Grand but not exaggerated

His authoritarian arguments
are more amusing than convincing
His elderly dotage, its sterling  
self-adulation and self-admiration

Fallen gods strum upon his heartbeats

Many will benefit from what we’ve done
for years after we’re gone—A cantankerous
road and yet we sometimes found a sensuous,
useful, universal, procedural acceptance

Thank you for this

The rich—so easy to mock, so
difficult to overthrow—He died
with those foolish beliefs, didn’t live
long enough to see them crumble

Brief binding moments of transcendence

“They complete one another” That’s
what we say if the marriage works
“They competed with, they undermined,
each other” we say when it fails

Our invisible, inviolable worlds

However closely I observe you
I can’t enter your skin—Personalities
don’t change much—It’s always
your own experience that you live

Throughout your life, there you are

-December 12, 2020-