In a foreign land

(after Joseph von Eichendorff)

These days it is usual
   for the sad and restless
   to climb above the tips of clouds and go
   to distant foreign lands
Here a glorious pink trout
   easily glides in a wild blue pool
   and above, in the air, our wild goddess swells
   in golden light
How soon will the quiet time come?
   In the distance it barely speaks, it seems,
      of great future happiness
What do you tell us cold wind?
   What do you tell us bleak night?
The moonbeams dart over me as I swim
   It seems as if you still wait for me
      in a garden of roses
   even though you are long dead
I will sing us a song of happiness
   but inside the tears scorch my heart
Everyone who hears it will smile
   and no one will know its deep sorrow
If you have a friend on earth
   don’t trust her
much may go wrong in the night
   be aware, be alert, stay wide awake
Migrating birds are passing above the clouds
   below the thorns of earth begin to bloom
I can at last rejoice
   and in this distant foreign land
   my alien heart won’t break
You are mine, you are mine, at last

-March 10, 2007-