I’m told

I’m told that 99.9% of earthly
species are now extinct and that
in 100 million years the sun
will implode with heat and wrath and
our earth will be, like the planets above
and the moon before us, uninhabitable
With 100 billion stars in our galaxy

and 100 million (and still counting)
galaxies, why are we so alone?
She keeps her money in her shoe
as fall leaves dry and decay into
wild wet colors like glistening
sea stones beneath us while the
the moon stabilizes the earth’s tilt

and time heals nothing but
conceals all, so deeply flawed, so
heavenly, as if freedom is the work
of anxiety, hesitation, errors and terror
Behold the robust water bears,
moss piglets, they can live anywhere,
reside in unconscious paradise

and have done so for at least
100 million years
We are lovers again because
our love becomes us and
here we are in all innocence
and this is how we partner
and we’re as miniscule as

the stars in a 100 million galaxies
Lively and robust, much is on
my mind as my earthly guides
falter in search of a resonant,
public reality of signs—so far
our advertisements are visually
more vibrant than what’s advertised

Like a tourist exposed to magnificent
sights but who doesn’t really see them,
these falsities of unity aren’t free
What you use to mediate vibrantly
determines what you see
Science is symbolic forms,
a system of signs, a pluralistic policy

of simultaneous narrations
in search of our perfect zone where
her inner light reflects upon my own
Jean Rhys wrote “I don’t write when
I’m happy but I’ve never had a
long period of happiness
Has anyone?”

Truth always illuminates—
It isn’t true just because it
seems so to you and your bilious
tribe of power-mad, privileged louts
Ask yourself now how many Romans felt
secretly gladdened by the bloody murder
of Caesar, that populous liar and tyrant


-October 7, 2018-