Human is wolf

Human is wolf to human—
emotion, pathos, movement
Lips parted in pain,
her frown, the downward
strain of the sufferer
Goats grazed by the roadside
and I can’t find her   

Here’s a famous photo:
Old angry white men on a trolley
where young angry black men scream
Severe disapproving Southern ladies also ride
The broken-down are slumped in an alley
Gamblers and drinkers stoop in an old saloon
Lots of alienation on the assembly lines

Segregation south and north
of the Mason-Dixon line—
bitterness, dissipation, discontent
All those goddamned happy bullshit
stories with their beginnings, middles
and ends—in the space before we lived,
in the space to which we’ll die

We can guess the truth by
the way the rule-makers lie
She relieved as no one else could
my isolation, my loneliness
Hell’s gates are always open—
Freedom’s just a short walk away and
history is liberty made conscious

That jerk was admired as a
character, an entertainer—
though of limited cognitive ability
and generally dubious behavior
We humans are savage
Wolf to wolf to human—
Hollow, mean and nasty  

-September 21, 2019-