He Politely

He politely waves goodbye
   before he jumps to his death
   from the Washington Avenue bridge
It was that kind of cold autumn into winter
   that kind of free fall, I guess
Are you okay?
   Last night there was something awful,
   something woeful, between us
Not sure, but I felt it
   Not sure what it was
Every actress is told
   You’re not pretty enough,
   tall enough, thin enough
You’re not even fat enough
   Baby, you’re just not enough
Melancholy and tough
   she never gives up
   She became moody and affectionate
A long, lanky actress type—
   this was her night
Aggressive, unthinking, wrought
   Our wondrousness, our luster—
   In a cosmos so vast
everywhere and everyone is the center
   Each day’s spin, spin, spin and pleasure
He falls, he tumbles
   He bashes himself against the hard water
   All the river gleams grey in the autumn
Not given to self-doubt, to restraint
   he hits this river hard
What you obsessively pursue is you
   If we shame ourselves within ourselves
   we’ll never come back
Smallish acts of violence smack us
   When liars die we lose little
Necessity is the past
   Whatever he achieved he achieved
   through his force, through his fortune,
through his passion and his focus,
   through his luck




-October 25, 2014-