He felt

He felt himself, at times,
a thankless servant
Strong, if temporary, feelings
meant he couldn’t always control
what he said—often to his regret
He failed, in the end, the loyalty test
“My calves were so fat

I couldn’t click my heals
together fast enough to suit that
imperious, noxious, knucklehead”
Some troubles won’t let go of you—
they tug at you
All of our arguments are, at best,
essentially murderous

Eroticism is an essential life feature
Even though the March snow falls
the intensity of light high in the sky
feels remarkably Spring-like
He opposed the wedding because
the man she chose
had dissolute habits,

a ruined constitution, a bad
character and no estate
“Find someone to be happy with”
he told her
What did she want?
It was her lover’s spirit blocked
within, contained within, her sphere

A violent temperament,
habitually repressed, can burst
forth like lightening cracks in snow
You can’t predict the glow
“It’s not a con job, even if untrue,
if you get what you ask for—
You can complain or strive

You can continue to survive
and happily go about your life”
“Today I feel numb,” she said,
“Not sure how I’ll feel tomorrow”
People don’t approve when you
contradict their expectations
“How nice of you, grandpa,

to take your daughter to Peru”
What I said was “Okay, thanks”
What I meant to say was “Dude,
Machu Picchu is approximately 568
years old and she’s not my daughter”
Torn from this world a
burning sense of abstract beauty

animates his works
When caught up in a lively game
you don’t care what it’s for, you
don’t strain for its tone,
you don’t stop the play
“That’s where he played,” she said,
reverently gesturing towards the

open stage and, of course,
she was mocking me
She knew I revered him because
he could make the violin sing
in a song I’d never sing—not
like that, through those strings
There’s something magical about

waking up next to your lover
Will you fall by the wayside,
fail to reproduce, cease to exist?
He said “My children are the works
I leave behind me and although
they are worth nothing
yet shall I linger awhile in them”



-March 31, 2018-