He Dreamt

He dreamt of caresses and sweet words
just him and her, divinely meant
What he got, this politician, was a clandestine
world of champagne fueled sex parties
attended by witty lawyers, judges, police officials,
highly admired journalists and musicians

Time differs from place to place
It’s a convention of convenience
to pretend it doesn’t
“Cancelled?” “Yeah” “Where were you
going?” “To Richmond and then to
Seattle, but they cancelled it due to snow”

There are multiple ways to deal with grief
He personally likes to sleep
He prefers they say, the Cessna Citation X
to fly him around, thanks to his rich friends,
for its exotic wood interiors and its ritzy,
top of the line, Rolls Royce engine

So that anti-hero I read about,
a decent enough guy, I think—
True, a little stiff, he wanted to be
looked up to, like an austere French judge
He enjoyed, especially, playing bridge
He didn’t want to die

Folks wouldn’t even talk much
about cancer or death then
You’d whisper about it, perhaps—
“He or she has it, poor dear, and is very sick”
In those days, we’d sympathize, but
the pain of it all embarrassed us

Look see, we’d even tranquilize our women
against the “pain of delivery” (what we called “giving birth”)
Their men weren’t even allowed in the room
for fear they’d faint or worse, but hey— don’t think
you’re better than them ‘cause we’re just as much
about euphemisms and shabby concealments

When mom told the housekeeper
she was too dour and asked if she was
unhappy with us and could she please smile a bit?
The forlorn lady would look at the clock
every 15 minutes or so and give
that fucking clock a big toothy grin

We eat better, our air is cleaner
our hygiene close to pristine
Our water is purer, even our streets are clean
So we live on average much longer
And because of this we can achieve
unprecedented heights of senescence

Me and Matt on frigid cold Broadway in Passaic
walk to the bus to New York from grandma’s place
She freed herself of useless medical interventions
And freed from excessive, extravagant,
expensive medications,
grandma lived on and on and on

Love doesn’t move the world, dear—sex does
That’s the reason we’re here
I see how the clouds can move
like concerted wisps together in the blue sky
Why do they move?
For whom do they put on this show?





-February 14, 2015-