He Chooses

My father in shadow
   half light, half dark
Edification, redemption blend
   bloody, bold, stark
“So glad to meet you…”
   really ghost,  “so glad”
She filters out nothing visual
   fantasy, folklore, nature
If it’s not crazy (137, balance only in
   a fourth dimension) it’s wrong
This relationship won’t change him
   Truth lies at his abyss
Reality’s not personal
   blood circulates (for all) within
The angrier he gets
   the more he smiles
His realm defies her vision
   It’s cultural, isn’t it—this smile?
But if it doesn’t hurt, says coach,
   you’re doing it wrong
Cluelessness, self-denial, deception
   congenial lies
This vision of hers—
   affair after affair and
she’s always the victim, the hurt
   the scared
Superior performance, some success
   better but not good
Balanced but not free
   she filters out nothing
He detests small talk and
   chooses his dining companions with care
You don’t choose your partners and
   freedom isn’t just glimpsed
Criticisms hidden in sugar
   holes in experience,
Illiteracy in the light
   she always leaves visionless

-June 27, 2010-