You deserted me
Why, Marcia, why?
Why don’t you know?
Still, I yearn for you now everyday
and at every moment of the day
I see your lovely, cruel, distorted face
Go.  Really. Go.
What do you want from me?
What will you give for it?
No chance of rescue here
   If only the sexual surge
      the surging, yearning, moon-tug
if only that had been enough
Make what you will of this
Ask and I shall give
Raise my eyes skyward
Can’t seem to pray for release, not really, and yet
I do really want to be free
And I don’t want to be sad anymore
Here is only heat and rock
   sand and thirst
You have made this our place for so long and
   in the scarring white light
   we will die
I’ve got to get out of here now
Let this song lead us away
Come follow me out or don’t
Stay close to me now or don’t
I won’t look back at you now
I won’t, I won’t, I won’t...

-January 25,2007-