God’s mirror

Simple oblivious ruins
dishonest about reality reflect—
the authentic lines that spring
from the same source like familiar
times, data, measured, and rearranged—
we disengage, neither their faces or work
remembered, kin based, nomadic,

inside out and about again,
proclaimed in a miasma of
fallen stones, our religions
always low in intellectual
vigor, so criticisms of them are
silenced by force, violence, and rage
“Sometimes you eat the bear and

sometimes the bear eats you”
said one prescient political sage
With his diabetes barely controlled,
Howard spends tedious times in the bath,
swims tedious laps in our public chlorinated
pool until, for reasons I won’t discuss, he’s
banished from that eye stung space  

Former friends can become
the bitterest of enemies
It’s a tribal thing and in this
there’s no clear reflection between
us, no way to cleverly disengage,
no coiled respite from caustic,
reptile, violent, ceaseless struggle

Distinct humans in distinct places
still might think the same—
cut off from each other they play
the same tricks, invent similar
games, survive or die among
friends or adversaries like any
obtuse objects of tribal rage

You danced for us
and yet, what if your body
fails to feel, through soils,
frail and infertile, where we
found their crushed skulls
in the death pit because in
order to have a broken

heart you first must have
a heart and you just don’t
seem to have one?
A sophisticated traveler admired
American freedoms but found
Americans to be loutish,
nosy, excessively fond of

alcohol and dangerously
prone to violence, their
hungry insatiable wills
unassuageable and brutish
Bright, clever, good at words,
how can our leader not know that
there’s a difference between

right and wrong as he becomes
all sentimental, all choked up
with feelings about nothing at all?
If so brilliant then, what if he
no longer dazzles and his friends
accuse and desert him, quit him?
Notice how any regime,

dedicated to ruling by terror,
so easily finds a sufficient supply
of lethal torturers, myrmidons who
otherwise are unemployable dimwits
The summer steams, the winter freezes,
a hellish, blissless peace evolves
Face it, the Judeo-Christian god

is an abomination, a miserable
psychotic idol in an overwhelmingly
tragic and demonic world where
history registers our every moral squalor,
our past crimes and follies, the misfortunes
of humankind, the outrage in this world
both inside and outside god’s mirror

-July 27, 2019-