Early fall evening

Other people, other minds—
Early fall evening, darkness into
night—It’s quite cold outside
They died apart—don’t
let the courts take your life—
clever shallowness, self-
congratulatory complacence,

laziness in the stillness, stone sadness
He lived as a hunted man, never
stayed long in one place,
trial and error reason, exile
It takes so little for some to go
savage, but he didn’t— his cognitive
map, his internal representations clean

but not together, so clear and so flat
The mysteries, the essence, the salt
honey sweetness—she extolls each of
her plans with every intention of following
through—makes each meticulous plan and
then doesn’t exactly—because appearance
is a part of reality, neither the whole nor

the end— because marks like them
together don’t get it—and he wants to
be her hero and she plays him just
for that—“No morality without autonomy”
What we see every day is so hard to
see, our obvious strides hide us away—
hidden heroes all, tough and true

She demands more and more and
gives less and less— the weakness
of our secrets, like a fallen
woven web of stone, the feeble
intellectual endowment of most
of us and our obvious dependence
on fond pleasures and passions

She said “I couldn’t
awaken from this nightmare
because I was awake already”
Love always goes one way
dictated by needs and he’d never
say “You’re traumatizing me”
His internal map—hot-tempered,

friendly, as sweet as Dad’s bet—
“You lose nothing to suppose
there’s a god” and then guess what—
Nothing exploded and became, 13.7
billion years ago, the whole damn
universe, the violent stars in the dark,
the muted sweep and noise of life

How desolate the first dark of
cold fall’s evening into night
as it descends from today
within our stony bleak allure
Nature never makes the same thing
twice and today the sun was so spotty
green, not yellowish green like yesterday,

not brownish spots, the way it was last
week—the hurt, the rejected, the sad—
this is a solitary, fiery, tragic, mad
adventure, each stride unique,
with a stone as our heart’s sad
allure, other minds, in the early
fall evening, darkness into night

-November 30, 2019-