Dragon Dreams

Dragon lust, dragon dreams
   Her two adopted Korean sons were
   her real purpose, her true loves but to me
she was just another bull-shitter
   Chimeras go vanish

We suffer an ignorance of politics
   Politics, no longer the good citizen’s concern
   There was a time to worship kings on earth
and all the gods in heaven
   Chimeras go vanish

There’s only so much work you can do
   food you can eat
   pressure you can sustain
All the old-fashioned rigorous obligations
   Chimeras go vanish

Washington’s false teeth
   weren’t made of wood
   Wood wouldn’t do, so they used instead
the human teeth of the dead, the teeth of slaves
   Chimeras go vanish

By the time they take the reins
   our rulers have been bought and paid for
   Let’s hear no more of president worship
Let’s stop this dolorous hate
   Chimeras go vanish

There’s a time I look at that old picture
   of Matt and I think
   You’re done with it poor Matt
Are you so much better off than we are?
   Chimeras go vanish

Who will next interfere with her ecstasy
   with her short attainments of utopia?
   He was deathly afraid when we told him
his subterranean train runs under rash rivers
   Chimeras go vanish

She anticipates disappointment
   like one used to having her pleasures
   summarily yanked away
The absent mother, the kindly father
   Chimeras go vanish

When occurrence is in accordance
   with individual, ineluctable purpose
   and everything you do just falls into place
To touch, to really touch
   Chimeras go vanish

Small pleasures strung together
   make for the lusciousness of life
   Love so intense and prescient
doesn’t happen twice
   Chimeras go vanish



-October 11, 2014-