Creation is contrasted coordination—
This world’s not just one arena
of intention and, if you see only
what you want to see, your freedoms
will reduce to muted mediocrity
Let’s make some decisive improvisations—
Chance favors rigor, preparation

and the only roads that never find
Rome are our mediocre middling ways
She smelled better than I expected,
nothing like what I thought and better
Flesh is individuality, our
bones are our universality
“When he returned to the visible

they didn’t recognize him though,
for so long, he’d walked among them”
It was always about the expression,
contrast and containment of feeling
Creation isn’t unity, it uses it—
Creation’s  improvisatory contrast
Is there any meaning that death

fails to destroy?—“not for an age
but for all time”—The world is
more than one mask of intention
In the Eisenhower ‘50s my parents
decided, “to hell with politics, politics
that disappointing lying bore
The American people are callous

idiots, stupid, brutal, childish, angry
Let’s pursue, instead, protected private
lives, like nightly constellations
obscured in bright city lights”
“But to do so would be wrong
So the King can’t do it because
the King can do no wrong”

I’m determined to wring each
precious drop from the time
left to me—“Rabbi hurry back,” he   
said, “There’s so much I need to learn
from you and my sun will soon set”
Trust a person until you learn you can’t
and then, never forget that you can’t

“We don’t need everyone to agree
We just need for them to behave”
“We defeated them utterly like
stubble cut from under our blades”
A comet is just a large dirty snowball
whose magnificent flight is obscured
in city lights, caught in the rancor

of death’s tremors, so sing
“Once she was hot
Once he was strong
Now she’s not
Now they’re all wrong
with each essential
drop we see”

It’s a savage game played by
and for savages—“Any music
that’s not a single-minded sharply
contrasted interpretation fails”
It hurts when I can’t believe you
Seeds germinate from the invisible
to the viable, just as we do

-February 8, 2020-