Being gradually

Being gradually diminishes, dissipates
Our luck is indeterminate, unintelligible
“If you don’t get the spicy,” he said,
“don’t bother to paint”
Conflict ridden, stale marriages
leave the survivor haunted with grief—
each sullied life led alone

The elderly, wrinkled, wretched witch
of the west is still in the gym spryly lifting
weights—give her a magic broomstick, send her
away and she’ll fly and glide into a dark night
sky as if to show you how your life might
withstand injustice, feebleness, tyranny because
you’ll never get close to her sad broken soul

He amuses us—and when talking of
himself he imagines himself a member
of his audience, thus joining in the applause
for himself—he thought if you weren’t a
businessman you were certainly good
for nothing and he immeasurably enjoys
the sound of his own voice

There are some who will lie
straight to your face and take great
offense if you call them out—They’ll
provide no proofs because they’re liars
who can only obfuscate and offend
In the 18th century “Europeans
scarcely visited any coast but

to gratify avarice and extend corruption;
to arrogate dominion without right
and practice cruelty without incentive”
That eminent old man had “little to care
from censure or praise since most of his
acquaintances were feeble at best
and at worse in their graves”

“He knew he should visit his mother
and though he tried to go he couldn’t
Though he wanted to go he didn’t”
The holidays chill and isolate those
with fractured families but I just need
a little love to steady me—civilization’s
veneer before it gets torn away

“She’s a truly good person but
she’s so fucking lost”—we became
familiar with the art of the fractals and
collage—I went after the drowning soul
but couldn’t help her, she’d have taken
us both under—“It’s a most unreasonable
fancy that we’re bound to live forever”

“Her bulldogs put their heads on her
knees or pawed at her legs to comfort
her with little whimpers of concern”
We’re fragments of light trapped in a
dark realm, hindsight imposed on history—
I had such hopes then—“Don’t believe
the tale if you can’t believe the teller”

-December 28, 2019-