As I get older

As I get older the docs fix
one broken part after another
The car still runs, just not
quite as well as before
You can’t protect the people you
love from the pains they feel

When I love someone it’s for life

She’s a shape shifter with a restless soul,
perpetually dissatisfied, always questing
Though physically deaf she plays
her percussion instruments with
expertise and precision, as if she
can hear them with another sense

An artist reinvents herself

No matter how much water he drinks
his bladder just won’t fill up (“so frustrated”)
and they can’t do a proper sonogram
He’ll need an MRI where he’s placed in a
a tube (“don’t move”) for forty minutes or
so, his abdomen viewed in sound

Nature has no favorites

He has a vital inner life intensely
nourished by fantasies he goes to great
length to preserve from any confrontation
with reality— She doesn’t lie to herself
“I should have known that they would
never let me be president” she said  

Human kind isn’t nature’s goal

Killing and dying in the
name of nonsensical ideas is how so
many of us make sense of our lives
“Stop it, the election’s over, you lost
Reality blisters and crushes you
You’re a damned old fool”

No one stays the same

That famous singer said,
“I won’t watch your documentary
I can’t bear the loss of my family
and I don’t want to confront or deal
with it—I’m way past it”
The years are all in him

Those in emotional pain

Personality’s not something within
that awaits discovery—It’s invented and
perpetually reinvented through choice
For Aristotle the best sort of human
was like him—slave owning and
Greek, devoted to the intellect

for what they saw or did

Personality’s inherently plural and
diverse, not common or universal
If Ally wasn’t just lying when she said
she loved me then it's that she wanted
to love me but didn’t—Loving and
wanting to love aren’t the same thing

Her deep and triumphant sweetness

-January 23, 2021-