An indispensable lover

An indispensable lover
came to him at last
He fixes within himself
and reaches up like an owl
on a golden badge, like a
small green island aflame
in a white smokestack

How many accidents?
His favorite games distill
acuity, activity and deceit
He tells of times in which
richer fates befall,
like a sour 10 point system,
guarded, wrought and grave

There was promise then, poise
He would fix what breaks
Everyone’s convinced
of their own intuitive goodness
He fights for the fittest thought—
a thought so strong it
no longer needs him

The more he wants the less
is his, like his usual buoyancy
after blows, like the implacable
enemy who shatters everything,
so miserable he doesn’t even
know it while insidious
gestures  burn and glow

On the train that
goes only to her,
he thinks about the stakes
as photographs that mark
his times, because the more
he gives the more he gets, the
more he grasps the less he holds

He knows it by its names so
he reverses the process
(An idiot devil’s stupid, inert brain is
just an organ for cooling his blood)
Nature has all the time needed
to forge the most brilliant designs
We solitary types lead solitary lives



-February 11, 2017-