Always Faithful


You held that fine jewel

Let’s be more like Albert...
   The loops he makes

are golden ribbons in his head

Some loops are bad
   Some, quite harmless

Some even charm

They repeat and repeat
   themselves, regardless

Semper Fidelis


Why when it felt so good
   did it go so badly?

The old marine

had what was called then – Hepatitis
   neither A, nor B

Today we’d call it C

Would come every week or so
   to have the fluid in his stomach drained

Took it all stoically, said little

One day he motioned me over
   whispered, Semper Fidelis, Doc

Thank you—always faithful


Cold eyes in frightened faces…
   Is something wrong with your eyebrow?

Stop twitching at me

Grief has no time
   this childhood fantasy

Every bright morning

opens yesterday’s wounds
   Heavy smoke from the crematory

This happiness, this illusion

was seen over Hadamar
   each day


Form letters:

The first letter explained
   the war related reason for the transfer

The second announced the safe arrival

but explained to the family
   that no visitors were allowed

because of the war, of course

The third letter announced the patient’s death
   which usually occurred

within 24 hours of arrival

Doctors did the killing
   because “The syringe always belongs

in the hands of a physician”


He went to Italy for two weeks,
   spoke to no one

Who else was tone deaf?

A quick cremation was needed
   for public health reasons

I want to mess up her lipstick

Unless you move faster than the speed of light
   you don’t escape

By struggling you hasten your mistakes

This singularity will become
   increasingly redder, then dimmer

It’s my time machine

Her father was a chauffeur of
   improvident habits and violent temperament

As a child she had to steal food

Some fine music is heard
   only in your head

I want to lick her pussy

In certain narrow loops
   I know what I’m doing

You fall through levels
   of chemical happiness

I know the road well

You have several heads, several hearts,
   many souls

Where the cops are, everything

all the way to my girl in Pittsburgh
   He hides every fear, that trickster

Money never interested him but that world

and its music were murdered
   Hungry worms wait for me

Too beautiful, too happy, too fortunate…

One rehearsal – that’s all you’re gonna get
   from old Dino

I figured it out

Old men see visions,
   You should have done the same

Young men dream dreams

Let’s be more like Albert...
   He’s genuinely happy to see them come

and just as happy to see them go

-November 4, 2010-