A Vision

A vision so clear, true, savvy, correct
and just, so adamantly sure and pure,
that anyone who doesn’t or pretends not
to see it is a moron, an idiot or worse—
a perverse, corrupt, pernicious liar

Each soul below its special music,
its particular glow, its peculiar scent

The slow stately walk of the elderly mythologist,
Joseph Campbell, as he ambles across the campus
in thought, graceful and hard
If the task is complex, destructive, fallible,
break it down then, piece by artful piece

Dark waves and the sweet dawn dew reach land
We recede and drink, each sad soul of us unique 

The baby smiles back
raises her arms, rubs her face
with her hands, wriggles and twists
His ghosts keep him going
We’re altogether linked

I give you in this hour the best that I have
My soulful power, my dreamful sleep

This is a bagel? She looks at him incredulously
as though he was sorely inept, or even crazy
“Yes ma, this is a bagel”
Grandma despite her arthritic back serenely swoops
down, smiles, and picks up an errant scrap of paper

Each soul’s spirit glows and blurs
Its guide at its heart is its love for you

His heart torn apart around 2005/2006
Any hurt after that just echoes that
He’s warm in his personal relations
but real intimacy? That course is new, young,
unruly, wild and blatantly generous

They left on the strand a sweet caress
The best that was in their power 




-June 7, 2015-