A mysterious man

A mysterious man sans past or future
reaches down for her deeper essentials,
deep as he may go
I do fine in that world—
I do better here
She has to know what I feel
because this is exactly how she’d feel
if I did this to her

That ship has sailed

It’s dirty, brutal, nasty, there
Yes it’s rough and unruly
You think you’ve made a connection
but, starkly, no— not yet
Here there’s no rules, no script
no careful maneuvers, no guiderails
But you’re not going down today, dear
It’s not your time

It didn’t want to go

There’s those who think
if there’s no dirt under your fingernails,
you didn’t go to work that day
Their silence was a pall
Their heaviness pervasive
Her breasts are perfect but not
because they’re perfect
Her mind hides clusters of terror

It didn’t want to do anything

Her brother was kicked out of medical school
for blowing up a tree
Her sister’s nose was bandaged
from elective surgery because
that nose was just too big
Sherry played the violin better than me
and didn’t give a shit about it
We couldn’t save the ashes from that tree

but harbor here with you

I watch the birds but not the way Dad did
He knew them all by name
She’s a later day courtesan, lovely—
highly skilled, much in demand
This feels of intimacy, so it must be
Though sometimes bitter, mean,
and full of unyielding aggression,
Dad appreciated all sorts of beauty

as if the ship never sailed

There was Mike at the bar
telling the busy whirlwind of a bartender
that he’d see her again
next Sunday for sure, for sure he’d be there
Casual, like he was her hairdresser and
they were making an appointment
All fired up, like he was her lover and
they were making their next date

That ship may never sail 

A selfless trickster happy when
she startles someone to life,
you let me caress you, fuck
you, cuddle you, kiss you,
touch you and yes—
I’m intensely alive
She seeks those most
who reach for her most deeply

There it goes



-August 1, 2015-