A conspiracy

Pulsating bodies—
their hungers, lusts and limits

This was a conspiracy 

The integrity of an American
president—what’s that to me?

so vast and so successful

We no longer expect perfection—
and we’ve all experienced loss

that there’s no

We will all age, if we’re lucky—
the difference is the how of it

evidence of it

Actually, money can—
and often does, open the way

If it’s true,   

Promises were broken—
or were they even promises at all?

I really want to know 

Our president—
that pathetic, unraveling diva

the people who

Caught a mouse in my end table—
in a trap made not to hurt it

pulled this off

Took the trap and the mouse—
down to the mud and set it free

We need to hire them 

How relentless and—
indomitable life can be

to spy for us at the CIA

-November 28, 2020-